Based on results generated in on a proprietary HER2-targeting ADC, we published an article in the Bioconjugate Chemistry journal.
We evaluated the therapeutic potential of MF-TTZ-MMAE, an antibody-drug conjugate integrating McSAF Inside bioconjugation technology, in a xenograft model of HER2-overexpressing breast cancer.

MF-TTZ-MMAE was more stable than a maleimide comparator in both buffer and human plasma. Its cytotoxicity was confirmed in vitro in a target-dependent fashion. Moreover, it was well tolerated in mice and induced complete tumor regression. At 5 mpk, 3 out of 8 mice were free of tumor when treated with the control T-DM1, an ADC approved for HER2-metastatic breast cancer, whereas 8 out of 8 mice were cured with MF-TTZ-MMAE. Complete tumor regression was confirmed microscopically by IHC for the mice treated with MF-TTZ-MMAE.

These results demonstrate the therapeutic potential of MF-TTZ-MMAE in HER-overexpressing cancers.